What is Cloud Network Engineer Job Description?

Cloud computing

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Cloud computing is hot – and growing – inciting many specialists to research it for a deep-rooted career change. A technological background, generally, opens doors for people planning to break into the field. Educational background or work experience in the technology field with an interest in cloud computing technologies will give you a kick start in this industry.

DevOps, Linux, and database skills are some of the cloud computing skills which are most in-demand. As companies are shifting from conventional applications to cloud-based platforms, these skills are most sought-after.

Currently, jobs are growing great. Cloud computing has become the most trending fields in the IT/ITES sectors. Few key jobs companies are employing for are:

  • Cloud Application Developer
  • Cloud Network Engineer
  • Cloud Automation Engineer, and
  • Cloud Security Manager

The average pay of Rs 5-7 lakhs for per annum is expected in cloud computing job.

Cloud network engineer:

A cloud network engineer wears many hats. Implementation, configuration, maintenance and support of the whole cloud network is the main job of a cloud network engineer.

Cloud network engineers can also be answerable for the association, monitoring, documentation, security, and integration of the company’s network, as well as other related cloud services.

A good network engineer has acquired significant certification in networking, security, and other industry rules for the job role. Candidates should have handy experience in resource organization and management. This job requires a strong understanding of the data centre administration – preferably more than five years of experience.

Start your career with Google Cloud Certification

Google Cloud, which is fast discovering AWS and Azure, has an 18 per cent bit of the market share with $2.3 billion in revenue for FY19, as demonstrated by reports.

Like other service providers, Google Cloud offers different career paths. There are seven certifications offered by the platform. This consolidates associate cloud engineer, professional cloud engineer, data engineer, cloud DevOps engineer, cloud network engineer, cloud security engineer, and professional collaboration engineer.

The associate cloud engineer certification requires a half year of experience working on Google Cloud. Specialists require more than three years of experience.

A professional Google Cloud certification fee costs around $200.

Impact You’ll Make

You’ll work with a team of pros focused on building and maintaining the essential network segments/fragments of hybrid cloud execution as a part of the technology platform.

You’ll partake in the Agile planning for the Cloud Networking team as a significant part of the broader Cloud Foundation project.

You’ll cooperate with admin, application developers, infrastructure engineers, application/infrastructure architects, and operations staff on the previously mentioned and deal with real business issues.

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