How to complete Madaki’s Stratagem in New World

There is an NPC called Eintou Madaki in Mountainhome in Shattered Mountain territory. After you meet some conditions, you can start looking for those weapon molds. First, you need to upgrade to level 60, and the weapon you choose needs to have 20 Weapon Mastery. In addition, you also need to complete some tasks provided by Eintou Madaki. Only in this way, the legendary weapon quests will be provided to you.

Starting from Stratagem in Madaki, when you find weapon molds, you need to look for materials to make them. You may need to spend some time for this part. Because you will have seven parts to collect, and during the collection process, you will encounter many powerful enemies. Only by defeating them can New World Coins you find them near them. When all the tasks that need to be performed are completed, you can return to Eintou Madaki to collect your weapons.

In Eintou Madaki, there are a total of thirteen weapons for players to choose from. They are: Sword: Twilight’s Fall, Tower Shield: Rook’s Defense, Round Shield: Boundless Ward, Hatchet: Azure Ravager, Rapier: Frozen Lament, War Hammer: Rampant Conviction, Great Axe: Reformation, Spear: Heavensplitter, Ice Gauntlet: Rimelash, Fire Staff: Prime Resolve, Life Staff: Glimmering Mercy, Bow: Torrent, and Musket: Clamorous Vox.

These weapons themselves are of New World Gold epic quality and have 580 gear scores. Although unless players are lucky enough to make better weapons, or get better weapons through other endgame activities, these rewards are guaranteed to players rather than random.

In New World, a good weapon is very important for players. When you upgrade it, you can gain an advantage in the game battle. But this will cost players a lot of New World Coins. And New World Coins are quite scarce for most players in the game. Therefore, they will choose to buy through professional game suppliers. From a Google search, most players will choose to buy at NewWorldCoins, not only where there are quite discounted New World Coins, but also there are excellent customer service to protect every transaction of the players.

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