Animal Crossing update, announcement of Festivale release date

Since the game was released in March 2020, Nintendo has provided a series of video trailers and free updates every few months to bring players a new experience. The Animal Crossing: New Horizon trailer released today provides the date of the next festival Festivale of the title. Since the game runs in real time and the seasons change, many events are based on real-world holidays, including Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Nintendo’s goal of locking the season behind timely updates is to prevent other players from using the controversial legal “time jump” method to disrupt other players’ future holiday events. Activating vacations at certain times of the year means that all players can experience vacations as Nintendo wishes.

The upcoming Festivale, based on the real carnival in Brazil, was originally listed as Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Just like many other holiday tourists, players can meet his requirements to welcome the Animal Crossing Nook Miles Ticket gorgeous Peacock Pawi and get a collection of themed furniture. Festivale is an attempt by Nintendo to globalize the holidays in its games-in the original Animal Crossing, the events were mainly based on holidays in Japan and the United States. As the series of games began to attract more audiences, Nintendo incorporated other interesting and fascinating vacations into the lovely life simulation game series, thereby creating new characters for players to recognize in the game.

Players can provide the date of this year’s holiday in the latest New Horizon trailer: February 15, in the northern and southern hemispheres. The update will be available on January 28, so fans will have time to download it before the event starts. It confirms that players will be able to meet Pavé and celebrate with other animals in their town, and they will wear festive costumes and feathers for the festival. Fans can participate in the competition by catching colored feathers with a net and handing them to Pavé, who may give new recipes that can be used to make themed items. Players will also be able to use new costumes, accessories and expressions so that they can dance with the villagers. At the end of the trailer, Nintendo mocked the next update, which is scheduled to take place in March and seems to be themed with Mario.

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