What makes players excited is that the rare mount of World of Warcraft will return in a limited time

If World of Warcraft players want to unlock the Spirit of Eche’ro mount within the specified time of the event, they can follow the steps below.

Many retail World of Warcraft players are in the predicament of having nothing to do during the opening of the Battle for Azeroth endgame and Shadowlands. In fact, players in the Horde and Alliance still have many things to keep them busy, such as unlocking some great transformation combinations. There is a rare mount that can only be tracked twice a year, and unlocking this rare mount has now become the latest goal pursued by many players.

Some World of Warcraft players missed the opportunity to unlock the Spirit of Eche’ro mount in the past. Their long wait from February 2020 to the present is finally over. Now they can get this impressive mount through the Legion Archeology chain mission, and what players need to do is bring their own excavation tools and go to the previous World of Warcraft expansion.

For players interested in obtaining the WOW Classic Gold reigns, now is the best opportunity to complete the task. This task will disappear again on August 25, so there are only two weeks for players to complete it. Archaeologists and mount collectors who are interested can choose the mission The Right Path to go to Dalaran to start their adventure. If the player unfortunately missed this opportunity, there will be no other chance to complete the task before February 2021. Therefore, the activity is in hot swing.

After the player gets the task, he needs to complete the remaining tasks very standard. They will be guided by a mission to Highmountain, then investigate the burrow and collect 600 pieces of Eche’ro bone fragments. However, players should pay 5 times the item for each survey in Highmountain. It can be seen that the task is not simple, and it takes a certain amount of time to reach the goal and earn the reigns. If the player doing the task wants to reduce the total time of each measurement, he must as quickly as possible should definitely invest in a Legion Surveying enchant for their gloves. Lucky players will pass all the way and collect 600 pieces of Eche’ro bone fragments and then turn in the task. They will win reigns and can summon the Spirit of Eche’ro mount from any position that allows the mount to be summoned. But what needs to be reminded is that Players who aren’t familiar with Archeology in WoW should keep in mind that it is a secondary profession, meaning that any player can learn the basic skill and start to level it up.

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