Five of the most exciting New World Builds for PvP

Let’s first take a a look at some of the best PvP builds on New World. If you’re a fan of Faction Wars or 1 vs 1 PvP battles the following builds will allow you to win over your rivals. These builds work against nearly every build, so you won’t have any trouble having a great to beat them. If you have a good PvP character on another server, transfer it to your main account to improve your performance in a 1 vs 1 duel.


For general PvP for general PvP in New World, we recommend a build that combines our above recommendations in Solo or Tank builds (with maybe a tiny bit of Mage added for good measure If you’d like). In other words, you want to focus on your potential to absorb and deal damage, but without over-specialising to the point where your speed and/or resilience is reduced to a minimum.


A Sword and Shield combo is an iconic weapon on the battlefield with a reason, and the same is applicable when playing New World. You can choose to invest your XP in either defensive or more offensive skill trees to use this weapon, making it a build that can be modified to suit your style of play over time. It may not be the most flashiest weapon in the game, however, from our point of view, it’s definitely one of the most trustworthy.


We’ve mentioned it before, New World’s hatchets are absolutely essential to every player. If you’re looking to have a light yet high-damage weapon in your secondary slot when going into PvP combat — which is a good concept — you’ll be able to be better than to pack your hatchet.


Knight Build (Sword and Shield)


This is likely to be the most commonly used PvP construct in the majority of MMOs. Your main weapons will be a sword and a shield. But, you’ll also have the hatchet as a second weapon. When it comes to the attributes it is necessary to include the most points in Constitution and strength. This will enable you to take on a lot of damage and dish out the same amount.


The benefit of having a shield and sword as your primary weapons permits you to be more flexible. It is possible to use points that are not offensive abilities or defensive ones according to what you like. Although this combination isn’t the flashiest, it certainly is efficient and reliable. As for the hatchet, it’s a fantastic secondary weapon that is swift and deals a good chunk of damage. You’ll never be wrong with the hatchet in pockets in your backpack.


Void Healer (Life Staff and Void Gauntlet)


This combo is very effective particularly in PvP. Who would have thought that combining the life staff and the void gauntlet could produce the same results. Doing so will allow you to recover a bunch of your HP when in combat. In addition, this design is also a viable option for PvE situations as well. As far as the attributes are concerned it is recommended to include them in Focus as well as Constitution. Since the life staff scales to the Focus attribute so it is necessary to max it out first.


This model lets you take on a fight from a distance, and remain away from your opponent. It is possible to have a head start in almost every battle due to your range , and if you maintain your distance, then you will be impossible to kill. In terms of armors, we recommend wearing light armor so that you’re mobile while taking on the damage. Also, this style helps in Faction Wars when you have to treat your allies.


The Duelist (Rapier as well as Bow)


The focus is on the Dexterity attribute and bow, you should know that Rapier and Bow combo is extremely deadly in PvP. We strongly recommend you put all of your points into Dexterity because there’s no need to include them in other stats. Also, you’ll need to have light armor in order to keep your mobility.


This build is what’s known as a glass cannon build. Although you’re blessed with damage and mobility yet you’re soft as a ball. If you get hit by an attack that is hard to hit and you be wiped out. Along with physical damage, this build allows you to deal tons of tick damage , and also debuffs as well. The main sources of damage for you are poison and bleeding.


With the Rapier, you can use your high mobility to stick to your enemies and keep on combating them. If you prefer to combat from a distance, you can make use of your bow. Keep your mind in the forefront that it is PvP as it doesn’t have any AoE damage. Combating mobs in PvE is very difficult when using this.


Best healer/support build in New World


The primary weapon used by healers must always be the Life Staff since it’s the most effective weapon for healing the person who wields it as well as other party members. It’s the Life Staff has two paths of mastery — one focusing on healing damage, the other designed primarily to shield against damage at all times -both are a great choice for the healer depending on the way your fellow teammates fight.


In the wake of the addition of the Void Gauntlet weapon in an update, the option of a second weapon to support a healer build has become less controversial than previously. The Void Gauntlet pairs exceptionally well with the Life Staff due to the possibility in healing the character, and it can heal up your friends in certain circumstances. While it’s not quite similar to the Life Staff in terms of pure healing It’s definitely more powerful in terms of offensive abilities which allows players to take on Void damage both in ranged and melee combat. Although dedicated New World healers previously ran the risk of being unable to successfully fight for their own needs, this brand new weapon combo allows you to make a mage/DPS-support variant that could prove to be a very effective weapon.


The most important Attribute for healers is Focus as this is what allows you to attain greater proficiency with the crucial Life Staff, and will aid in your ability to use the Void Gauntlet most effectively. It is essential to continue putting points into Intelligence if you want to make the most out of it. If you have some points left , think about sticking a few into Constitution as it will help you avoid situations where you’re left healing yourself before you’re able to help others, or worse — dying , and not having a healer in the support position.


The best DPS build in New World


If you’ve checked out our top New World weapons tier list it will be clear that we didn’t rank either the Rapier or the Musket in any way. But, we did make the point that every New World weapon has its advantages if used correctly especially if you’re planning the option of a dedicated DPS model, with a solid party in your side, allowing you to be able to hammer down on massively damaging enemies by one at a time These weapons really come into their own.


It’s thematically, it may feel strange, but it’s actually quite a good idea. Fire Staff is actually just about the best weapon an DPS character can ask for. It is still able to deal high damage but crucially provides better crowd control than either it or the Musket or the Rapier (particularly in the Pyromancer Mastery tree) and, therefore, even if you have the advantage, being able to switch to it during a time of need can be extremely beneficial.


In general, I’d recommend adding at least some attribute points into Constitution however, if your DPS includes a team that has an healer and tank they can trust, it’s of secondary importance when it comes to Dexterity and Intelligence, which can be combined to enable players to manage those tricky weapons with ease.


Best tank build in New World


It’s possible that New World parties don’t need tanks as you can pretty happily mix this into the DPS role, both of which are well-served by the game’s vast selection of hefty weapons and tough attributes. However, if you’re looking to build a powerful and tough character (perhaps to help support a more graceful DPS principal) The Sword and Shield is almost unbeatable as a main weapon that allows a precise balance between crowd control, one-on-one attack, and personal defence.


The second weapon for the tank is almost a case of the dealer’s choice since any of the game’s two-handed weapons can perform great job. Even the Spear, which is often thought to be the weakest of the three comes with a broad knock-back weapon that’s extremely beneficial for tanks to own. Both the Great Axe and the War Hammer can be used as a weapon to use as a backup, since they have some of the strongest damage ratings (offset by the slower speed of attack) of any weapons on the market.


The most important attributes of tanks are, without a doubt, Strength and Constitution. The ability to pour your full force in an offensive assault- all while being able to take a handful of blows while keeping your healer away from weaker DPS or mage characters -is the key to this type of build.


Best mage build built in New World


There are plenty of players that desire to play as a Mage within an MMO, and I completely get where they’re from. New World doesn’t offer a huge number of magical weapons when compared to non-magical ones, but there’s plenty of options for a well-constructed mage’s set.


It’s a great weapon to use. Fire Staff is the top choice of magical weapon for dealing damage and knocking back enemies before they can overwhelm you, while the Ice Gauntlet returns Mana over time to allow you to keep your magic reserves flowing during a battle. In addition, it’s satisfying wielding the powers of ice and fire when used together.


It’s no surprise that Intelligence is a most important attribute to place points into if contemplating playing an Mage build. If you don’t want to become the legendary magical squishy, I suggest investing some points in Constitution while you’re at it. There’s nothing wrong with a glass cannon, but there’s not a requirement to become one as you’re a New World mage, since your Intelligence alone is sufficient to be able to handle both your defensive and offensive magical needs in combat.


The best solo build of New World


New World is an MMO which is why we cannot suggest enough strongly that you join the right group to join. In PvP battles you’ll be playing against organized teams of other players while in PvE the bosses have been deliberately created to be fought by a group of players. We can’t guarantee that you can make it very far in Aeternum without some companions by your side.


There is a certain satisfaction in going it alone for a bit of the times. we’ve seen a build which puts you in the decent position of being able to support yourself through some of the challenges you’ll encounter in New World.


As many New World players are already aware that the Hatchet is an extremely powerful weapon. Its performance does make some sense however: as a one-handed melee weapon It’s lightweight enough to use quickly; but unlike, say, the rapier, it’s not restricted by a sharp and precise edge that limits you to taking on a single opponent at a given time. Achieving the Berserker skill list for Hatchet lets your character self-heal whenever the rage buff is in effect and is a huge benefit to solo fighters particularly.


Bring along your Life Staff as your secondary weapon, since this can be used to cure yourself as quickly as other players. Consider pursuing this Healing Mastery Tree, as the Protector Mastery is less useful (though not without advantages) when you are playing without a group.


You shouldn’t be too fancy in your attributes when going it alone. Be sure to have a high Constitution to take the sting out of any damage received long enough so that you can heal yourself; and focus on Strength to ensure that you are able to deal damage quickly and effectively when alone in a combat situation.

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